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Toccaverde | your development in business

Toccaverde | your development in business

Export to Peru, Portugal or Pakistan?
Establish a company in Brazil?
We organise it.


With Toccaverde Commerce we provide you operational entry to new markets and segments within the industrial business-to-business segment. As agents with an extensive network of professionals we prospect, connect and assure that first transactions are concluded or that the most qualified partner is installed to promote your company and proposition. Similarly, we act as strategic sourcing agent to enlarge your scope of suppliers with new international sources.

Our Toccaverde Commerce services cover:

  • conduct market research
  • present a local partner, agent or distributor
  • present matching premium supplier
  • detect and prospect potential customers
  • introduce and negotiate locally the selling of your products and services
  • initiate sales

We are confident to jointly succeed because of our qualities listed below:

  • operational experience in international commerce
  • global network of market specialists, suppliers and clients
  • focus on premium segments
  • focus on quality, trustworthy and financially healthy contacts
  • long term collaboration approach
  • referential partners with whom we collaborate
  • possibility to operate as agent or as distributor

The markets we cover

Toccaverde Commerce is specialized in the business-to-business market worldwide of the steel and steel processing industry (eg. welding, surface treatment) that subsequently services basically all industries: oil & gas, chemicals, steelworks, automotive, aeronautics, medical, nuclear, equipment manufacturers, etc..

Today Toccaverde has mandates of a multitude of companies with diverse products and services to many industries. Examples of such products are titanium and titanium alloys, welding materials, welding machines, hardware & tools, surface treatment chemicals, wear plates, cutting knives for steel mills and plastics.

You may find more about our commerce services and products at the document:

From our offices in Amsterdam, Paris, São Paulo and Vienna, we assist in the languages Portuguese, French, Spanish, English, German and Dutch.

ZEP Solar Cell roof tiles

Toccaverde is the business development partner of ZEP BV from The Netherlands, the first company introducing succesfully a solar cell roof tile: a fully-fledged solar collector integrated in a ceramic roof tile (see pictures below). 

Zep tile

NL historic building
Contact us for more or visit www.zepbv.com. 

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