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Our work follows the principles of nature –
we transform business consequently sustainable

What we aim for

Our focus on essence: organizations driven by humans, monitoring momentum for accountable results and clarity of habit and procedure.

Our competencies: Knowledge in communication, psychology, sociology, economics and ecology meet structures and multicultural experience. Our and appreciated international experts stand for this.

Our mutual result in Coaching, Consulting, Organizational Development, Training and Management: a natural, powerful development of people, organizations and markets out of a single source. Strategically and operationally.

Are business and sustainability a contradiction?

Constant and efficient development of lasting value will arise/be achieved through/by

  • efficient advice plus high level of social skills
  • consistent content-related involvement of those affected and
  • collaboration of knowledge and structure come together to serve mutual goals.

Consulting and Facilitation

  • Times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity need strong and agile performance in building a collaborative edge for the future.
  • Partner with us and rely on us as experts in steering and moderating agile, systemic and multicultural developments towards promising futures.

Consulting and Facilitation - Toccaverde | your development in business

Coaching - Toccaverde | your development in business


at the core of our excellence

What is your vision, what are your goals and, essential, what is your roadmap from today on?

Our personal coaching is methodically, confidentially and on point.



Create space for you and your team: toccaverde managers will relieve you from overload.

With intuition, knowledge and up to date leadership competence for years, we are the double you next to you to accomplish your plans.


Management - Toccaverde | your development in business

We Deliver added value by the following Consulting and Coaching services

  • Organizational development
  • Top level policy development and deployment
  • Strategy development, implementation and deployment
  • International business development
  • Corporate culture, transformation
  • Compliance and ethics management
  • Individual coaching/professional mentoring
  • Team coaching
  • Management developement – architecture, design and trainings
  • Risk & opportunity management

There are so many opportunities to capture,
so much productivity to gain.

Selection of clients and partners


We at Toccaverde decided to open a platform, blog or video blog, to improve and intensify our discussion with you, our visitors, readers,
clients. Please feel free to send your questions and contribute ideas to be considered, discussed and shared with our audience.

10 Jan 2021


Seduction. How seductive that sounds. On the one hand to be seduced and on the other hand to seduce others. Surrender of power and presumption of power - or giving up responsibility or cold calculation. I don't want to write about that today. Or just so much: We didn't want to admit it for a [...]
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21 Nov 2020

Servant leadership

For years I have been working on the methodical approach regarding leadership, attitudes and coaching. And you subconsciously certainly do it too. In our considerations on how to manage our teams or when sparring with partners in the new virtual present, we test new leadership situations and experience the so-called turning point. Turning point. That sounds [...]
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