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Toccaverde | your development in business

Toccaverde | your development in business

Operational reality is what counts,
not glossy theory.
We improve your operations.


For companies and their managers that seek:

  • to reach higher breakthrough goals within sharp deadlines
  • to have long term business strategy fulfilled with more speed, accountability and execution
  • to install collaborative, inspired and result driven teams
  • to install more efficiency and measurability at ‘white collar’ level
  • to strengthen themselves to become a more inspiring leader
  • to reach more personal balance and concretely work towards own personal goals
  • to bring vision towards today, to convert powerpoints to manageable and accountable actions 

We deliver added value by the following consulting and coaching services:

  • Organizational development
  • Strategy development
  • Strategy deployment/implementation
  • International business development
  • Corporate culture, transformation
  • Compliance and ethics management
  • Individual coaching/professional mentoring
  • Team coaching
  • Trainings
  • Risk & opportunity management
  • Top level policy deployment/strategy deployment

Downloads (pdf):

With our services, Toccaverde provides you the required specific experience and assures that you are properly resourced for your projects, saving your time related to the development of a concept and the costs of training courses for your staff.

Toccaverde provides consulting services to small companies up to multinationals, regardless of your industry sector.
We operate from our offices in Amsterdam, Vienna and São Paulo and may service you in the languages Portuguese, French, Spanish, English, German and Dutch.

'Even a journey of a thousand kilometers start with a first step'
Take this first step, and contact us !



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