New Work! New Work?

Post New Work! New Work?

New Work! New Work?

It`s time to start with creativity, optimism and agile co-shaping future !

During the last week I had many nice coaching and strategy talks.

I am enthusiastic about the spirit of those who knew how to rise above themselves for a common cause, to overcome their fears, to be there for others under difficult conditions.

You are the heroes of the new VUCA world.

You keep their attitude, when it comes to Vulnerability,  Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity in our “new” world, social, business, family values and vision wise.

And right now? 

just for minutes I had been appalled by self-promoters, who turn the self-evident into a PR show in order to supposedly increase the “brand” of the company. Honestly: that goes wrong, because it is “very old fashioned”! We have become more critical and aggressive, clearer in our perception.

I don’t want to dwell too long on disappointment. Because now it is time not only to allow the gradual ramp-up of our “frozen” everyday life, but also to accompany it. For the statements of sociologists, epidemiologists, ethicists, mathematicians and economists and many more are similar in the assumption that we will continue to feel the effects of Covid19 for a while.

So what remains of the beautiful? Let’s show the profile neurotics our friendliest smile and move on to the essentials. What have we learned?

* Clear communication and cooperation, even in a remote state, are the key to success:

This includes a structured approach to the people we want to address and move with our statements and a language that can give these people in the current situation a guideline for the next few years.

* Let us say goodbye to old structures and organizations – let us live VUCA attitudes:

The pandemic created a paradox, namely prescribed spatial freedom – “spatial distancing”. How flexible, how productive and how secure is cooperation in and outside of offices? All these considerations inevitably lead to different, reflective leadership attitudes, to a reduction of control and hierarchy, and to the need for trust and clear objectives.

Will we reorganize ourselves and our work in the future? 

Since the 2008 crashes, templates have made it from the military to management literature. Now – similar to the acceptance of digital structures – executives are being thrown back on skills, tested in a world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA).

Quick decisions, processing of enormous amounts of data, acceptance of new technological possibilities and adapted or completely new goals will determine success:

Let us learn quickly which tasks have been solved much more efficiently in the peace and quiet of a home office. How are those who are not in the office involved in the project, in the task? Will all former employees be involved in this new process? Have they all been able to acquire the necessary know-how to solve tasks flexibly and without strict work instructions, taking responsibility for themselves?

Does leadership in VUCA times give us a guideline?

Let us try it:

1. change our thinking patterns, our perspectives.

2. let’s speed up our change, let’s not cling to the “good old world” but accept the disruption, a new speed of thinking, deciding and implementing, let’s learn to fail and see this as a milestone of alternative learning, let’s be happy about the support of the Digitals.

3. forward and different: Let’s make the (maybe even small) difference. Let’s give a new perspective to those who may be tried and tested (I will gladly write about the change of perspective in the near future).

Let’s say goodbye to “old-fashioned” communication. Let’s look at how who communicated with what success. Who actually mastered “remote leadership”. 

I am happy to report on “secret” heroes who showed surprisingly strong performances in the crisis, put their own ego aside and worked on the challenge.

Renouncing fair weather and personality statements and opening up to the abilities and needs of the “target group”.

The future of communication, of dialogue lies in the benefit of what is said/heard. And also in getting new perspectives from others through dialogue and developing or redesigning one’s own points of view.

Let’s give ourselves a new vision together, values that go beyond words and inspire those involved.

A large number of scientifically based works on sociological and psychological topics have worked on methods of the “Future Perfect”, the meditative visualization of a future worth living, from which, in retrospect, process steps, attitudes and resources can be derived, starting from Gregory Batson, Virgina Satir and Milton Erickson, Steve de Shazer, Inso Kim Berg, Robert Dilts, Matthias Varga von Kibed, Insa Sparrer and many others. This in a complex, ambiguous time.

We create our new world.  Let us start today!

If you want to know more about it, call me or write me! I am looking forward to your digital and analogue feedback.

Sincerely yours

Author: Dr. Barbara Schütze is known for crisis management, experienced executive coach and authorized expert in the fields of consulting

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