Trust yourself – Podcast September 21

Trust yourself – Podcast September 21

We got closer in search of security and became more distant in our physical perception. Is that so? And what helps – maybe?

In the midst of the pandemic, what effects have the last 18 months had on us in general – in the interpersonal, economic and technical context? toccaverde managing director Dr. Barbara Schütze is looking for a practical, realistic answer.

The conversation partner is Sonja Wallner, CFO of A1 Telekom Austria since 2015:

Sonja Wallner, from Controlling at Telekom Austria (2000), who has been on the board of A1Telekom Austria for finance and strategic projects since 2015, studied at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and at the Luigi Bocconi University in Milan.

here is our podcast in German language…

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