We strengthen you to raise the unconsidered, to discover new perspectives, to find solutions.

Our Coaching Services

To individuals, teams and organizations in order to create space to develop as leader

  • Space to find your fitting solution
  • Space to make up your mind
  • Space to grow into new, agile leadership competences

Toccaverde Coaching: untapping potential

Considering the manager as the essential factor for stretching the success of a business, we are fully dedicated to strengthen and to assist you as manager within your business context.

We are a partner for success for professionals – Business leaders, CEOs, directors, managers – who are convinced that there is still untapped potential to develop as person and in business.

Please refer to this article of Harvard Business Review on coaching.

Management - Toccaverde | your development in business

Our Management (interim) Services - Toccaverde | your development in business

This potential is not exploited in full because:

  • your time is limited
  • your span of control is too broad
  • operations absorb your space to explore new opportunities
  • you are missing a politically neutral sparring partner with a fresh and external view
  • you require a partner dedicated to your individual context consistently over time
  • new methodologies and experiences to increase your performance were not available to you

During our sessions, together you and our coach:

  • work through your challenges
  • disclose new perspectives, ideas or visions
  •  create clarity on issues enabling you to decide quicker
  • reinforce your confidence
  • sharpen your communication skills
  • develop strategies to face specific situations
  • remove obstacles hindering your progress
  • have a balanced moment to review yourself from an
    helicopter view

During our sessions, together you and our coach - Toccaverde | your development in business


A coachee upon arrival for an appointment with one of us:

Coachee: ‘I am so glad to be here again’
Coach: ‘beautiful, why are you so glad?’
Coachee: ‘because I know I am going to leave again with a new solution’

For space, breakthrough results and to manage
your vision towards today

Our joint success is based on - Toccaverde | your development in business

Our joint success is based on:

  • strong dedicated, personal approach to you
  • unbiased, practical and fresh approach to your topics
  • deep personal understanding of business reality
  • creativity in problem solving
  • clear coaching methodology
  • specific experience or savoir-faire of our coach

With our services, Toccaverde provides you the required specific experience and assures that you are properly resourced for your projects, saving your time related to the development of a concept and the costs of training courses for your staff.

Toccaverde provides consulting services to small companies up to multinationals, regardless of your industry sector.

We operate from our offices in The Netherlands, Italy and Brazil and may service you in the languages Portuguese, French, Spanish, English, German and Dutch.

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