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Barbara Schütze and Michel Verhagen found their common vision in making a contribution to the positive and sustainable development of people and organizations with joy and like-minded people.
With the sad passing away of Barbara end of 2022, we continue to inspire ourselves in her creativity, her vision, her structure, her processes, her drive in all we do internally within Toccaverde as well as with our customer partners.

In times of permanent upheavals and developments, this means the common alignment with our customers towards an appreciative vision and the ability to follow tasks sensitively and specifically, transparently and flexibly, based on academic, systemic input, operational experience as well as freshness and creativity.

Barbara Schütze

The co–founder of Toccaverde, passed away in 2022.

She was well known for brief and fitting strategic solutions on critical and sensitive issues, given globally in consulting and top executive coaching and lecturing ‘coaching to managers’. Barbaras core achievements were bringing clients, challenges and environment towards the even better – always along a strictly compliance and quality conform structure and based on a global network.

Michel Verhagen

The former Chief Operations Officer within a leading multinational and former Global Head of Business Development, Sales & Marketing of a global player in the steel industry is co-owner of Toccaverde. Michel has proved international experience in strategic issues, steering and coaching managers and employees as well a profound competence and network in sales.ichel is responsible for Toccaverde Commerce, passionated by mentoring & strengthening managers and in consulting, specialized in Strategy Deployment and general company management.

With enthusiasm we look forward to collaborate with you.
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Varlei Disiuta

Varlei Disiuta is a graduate in Business Administration, with postgraduate specialization in Marketing. He is specialized in developing the market in the south of Brazil for several international companies, mainly in the metalworking and plastics industries.
A networker ‘pur sang’.

Martin Gudmon

Our Brazilian entity is led by Martin Gudmon.
He has experience enriched with an Executive MBA. Martin has extensive experience in successfully managing companies particularly in the agricultural and food industry. He specializes in infrastructure of Information Technology and Communication.

Carlos Hand

As owner of a law firm in Brazil, Carlos may provide assistance to foreign companies wanting to start business and/or may require reliable accompanying support for the establishment of an entity in this country. Carlos is specialized in providing legal advisory to companies in the food, foreign trade, pharmaceutical, information technology sectors, among others and operates in contentious issues by following-up the judicial proceedings in all jurisdictions, as well as in the consulting issues which comprise a preventive performance to avoid or minimize the impact of any judicial claims.

Nina Kaufmann-Frank

A well know expert with international experiences in projects as well as consulting and implementing risk & opportunity management systems as well as compliance topics feels familiar all over the world providing this sensitive topics in several languages.



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