Joie de vivre once, please

Joie de vivre once, please

Today I laughed heartily.
And should that be worth considering?

Yes. Exactly.
Because the last few days have made me doubt whether to think further than beyond the moment. Too much is said, written, lamented and denounced. Rushed, wiggled, assigned … and yet:

We’re all in the same boat. Perhaps not in the same “bubbles” as it is called in modern speech, but still in the same boat. Our world. Whether it is about the environment or health and ultimately freedom for self-development: it is our world, the boat from which we cannot jump without “drowning”.

I am slowly beginning to understand the images: one is operating the engine and controls, the other is waiting and using the time to sue those to whom they have given responsibility. Sounds paradoxical, psychopathic, the perpetrators become victims and vice versa. Double bind, the scientists would say: no way out and no solution.

Is that so?

I tend to be optimistic – I’ve learned it. There is always a way out, a decision. Even if it is only to let everything go like this and patiently observe. That would be “premodern”, but one of many ways to resolve situations of fear, aggression, and shock.

And if there is one solution, there are many.

1. The new experience of the opposite of the previous one. Stepping into the other person’s shoes may mean more understanding and not yet acceptance.
2. The exciting mixture of both perspectives, which goes beyond “both and” and merges “the best of both perspectives” into one?
3. Even this could lead to further questions, to the realization that you need additional knowledge for your own decision. So: what is missing or has not yet been considered?
4. A system loop is now appropriate to review everything that has gone before, and then, with courage and curiosity, and finally with great self-confidence, one
5. Leading a completely new solution to a decision.

Sometimes all that is needed to reduce the formation of bubbles and to open up to the others in the common boat is a brief reflection on the common goal: healthy and happy to fill the days with meaning, to laugh and to celebrate life.

Well then: let’s start sketching the way to get there to our common goal and provide the clever resources. We already knew, thanks to all the clever systemicists. I am in.

We look forward to ideas and comments,
Your (smiling)

Barbara & Michel

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