Let´s imagine….

Let´s imagine….

We all had wonderful plans and also understanding and the competence to deal with deviations, unpredictability, options on the way to implementation.

Today: …only few have the strength, ability and will to pull ourselves out of the current situation – pandemic with increasing incidences, war on Europe’s “doorstep” and then also people at the limits of their current capabilities.

It’s up to us.

So, what needs to be done to transform this “stuck state” of many into a realistic continuation. What is our task for ourselves?

Pretending that life outside our walls is none of our business isn’t going to help anyone.

To exhaust ourselves in blind activism, just as little. So, what now?

With “still-optimism”, mixed with “almost always-awareness of reality” and the imagination of positive change, it is possible to

  • Showing indulgence and understanding for those caught in crisis mode of victimization, pessimism and mindset degeneration.
  • Discerning yourself clearly what is important and necessary for the moment.
  • To create an overview for the next necessary steps through repeated analysis in order to think, weigh up, plan and implement tasks and priorities together with the motivated.
  • Rediscover trust in ourselves and in others in the knowledge that the paths to the goal can be different.
  • Measuring ‘appropriateness for the moment’, learning from achievements and taking joy with you.
  • To provide oneself with necessary attention, reflection and nurturing.


Because nobody benefits if we join the majority of those who are slowly giving up or the minority of the aggressively insecure: neither is an option for overcoming the numerous small and large crises. We had wonderful plans and also understanding and competence to deal with deviations, unpredictability and options on the way to implementation.

How to do?

  • Let’s laugh together or alone, let’s be happy about what has been achieved – even on a small scale. Our thought system will thank us with openness and the ability to tackle challenges, perhaps just from the constant reminder of our own strength. Small impulses are often enough to remind you of those skills that have previously contributed to “survival”.
  • Let’s bring ourselves into a state of calm that allows us to distance ourselves from the situation and thus look at it on a meta-level, recognizing the effects of the system and recognizing the picture of the moment.
  • Let’s accept that there is a lot we don’t know and that our old goals are based on old assumptions and the new assumptions are only appropriate for the moment.
  • Let’s remain self-confident and self-responsible for our current doubts, decisions and check the results at short intervals in order to adapt them flexibly.
  • Let’s follow our visions and images of a better future, knowing that our thoughts influence our actions without falling into rigid structures.

And last but not least: let’s also trust the others, the friends and employees that they will find a good way themselves – maybe not immediately but in their own way.

We send you a smile for the good day and look forward to your feedback and additions.

Kind regards,