How to start our blog? and what is new?

How to start our blog? and what is new?

After seven years at Toccaverde and successful exploitation of our business it`s time to face new challenges.

What’s the meaning of „Challenge“? New countries, new cultures?
Too easy. Our attitude as owners of Toccaverde is basically multi- and intercultural.
People? We are passionately seeking for experiences at eye level. Topics?
Yes, indeed. Development and sense of proportion. That’s what we looking forward to talking with you and everybody, who ist seeking for improvements and reflection. That is us.

This time Michel is asking while Barbara is reflecting things.
Maybe you enjoy traveling with us. Welcome.

Michel: Toccaverde has been working successfully for several years now. What  changed noticeably for you since then?

Barbara: The need to analyze new situations and to find a solid solution is still a high demand . New to me is the magnitude of uncertainty for so many in so many topics. Old rules fall, old habitual processes seem to be without validity from one moment to the next, the overview and the sense of control have been lost.

Michel: This situation is not new to us. What is different by now?

Barbara: The difference makes the quality of time and result. The difference  lies in the demand by the client who wants us to cope with everything immediately, a desire to retain control in case their own positions have to be secured.

Michel: How do you resolve your talks? What is your offer for a solution?

Barbara: I invite my interlocutors (clients?) to focus less on perfection and the sole solution, but on their own perception of what I call “solution serenity”. Not confusing this with indifference regarding task and situation but dealing with own resources, self-confidence and curiosity in a reflecting manner. To embrace the new, to rely on the power of an adequate solution for the very moment and to step agile from one milestone to the next towards the goal. Carefully and open.

Michel: How does one become more relaxed towards solutions?

Barbara: There is no recipe. I appreciate the very individual approach to solutions.. Tools and know-how quickly overageby adapting to developments and people.

However, there is one valid answer in general: in my conversation I focus on opening a frame of respect in which everyone can find self-respect for themselves. Experience has shown that this habit leads to new, surprising solutions whereever.

Michel: Exciting. Thank you. Next time you will ask the questions.

We are partners in the Toccaverde, Barbara Schütze and Michel Verhagen.

Barbara, strategic coach and organizational developer, fire brigade in difficult and sensitive projects and situations. The focus is on Europe, North Africa and Asia.

Michel is an experienced manager, CSO for EMEA and Brazil at a well known industrial company and passionate strategist and implementer of sales projects. He loves to build and expand new markets between Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Both combine the curiosity and openness to offer a complex system of services, a one-stop shop for efficiency and respectful awareness. This includes services starting with the strategy, the development of people and organization and ends with their commitment and taking over structures in new markets and new and innovative products.

Toccaverde’s team works where the changes happen.