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Toccaverde | your development in business

Toccaverde | your development in business


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This is toccaverde

toccaverde has been established by Barbara Schütze and Michel Verhagen to provide the architecture for a team of professionals to join forces and share experiences, expertise and creativity with other managers and companies.

We devote ourselves to inspire and support persons and companies towards the better: more happiness, more success and for companies, an always going concern. 

This is our team

Our toccaverde team members built their experience within smaller to larger companies, occupying operational or managerial functions at both local and head quarter entities. By this, they lived the daily reality of every company and understand yours.
The operations of toccaverde Brasil are orchestrated by Managing Partner Martin Gudmon.

Please find below an introduction to our colleagues:

Varlei Disiuta (Portuguese)
Varlei Disiuta is a graduate in Business Administration, with postgraduate specialization in Marketing. He is specialized in developing the market in the south of Brazil for several international companies, mainly in the metalworking and plastics industries.

Martin Gudmon (Portuguese)
Our Brazilian entity is led by Martin Gudmon.
He has experience enriched with an Executive MBA. Martin has extensive experience in successfully managing companies particularly in the agricultural and food industry. He specializes in infrastructure of Information Technology and Communication.

Carlos Hand
As owner of a law firm in Brazil, Carlos may provide assistance to foreign companies wanting to start business and/or may require reliable accompanying support for the establishment of an entity in this country. Carlos is specialized in providing legal advisory to companies in the food, foreign trade, pharmaceutical, information technology sectors, among others and operates in contentious issues by following-up the judicial proceedings in all jurisdictions, as well as in the consulting issues which comprise a preventive performance to avoid or minimize the impact of any judicial claims.

Fred Janes
A professor at university and co-founder of famous ‘Viennese School of Organizational Development’ influenced the past 30 years of operational processes as well as the core issue of ‘Transformation Management’ by lecturing, consulting and coaching, since 2011 out of his new enterprise ‘Janes Consulting’.

Nina Kaufmann-Frank
A well know expert with international experiences in projects as well as consulting and implementing risk & opportunity management systems as well as compliance topics feels familiar all over the world providing this sensitive topics in several languages.

Christina Kaul
Former right hand to European Commissioner Fischler (Commission for Agricultural Affairs) and Global Director Government Relations for Vodafone, Christina provides extended knowhow in designing and operation of very complex issues dealing with global economy and politics.

Moritz Koppensteiner
After years of top leading functions in industrial environments Moritz is a reputable consultant based in Aveiro, Portugal. With strong expertise in industrial operations, he is specialized in project management and profit improvement with extensive experience in the Automotive area. As Austrian living in Portugal, he possesses a perfect fit for multicultural, multinational environments operating internationally with focus on Spanish and Portuguese markets. 

Walter Pramer
Walter Pramer, a genuin Latin American with European parents, raised and educated on both continents,  merges some very requested attitudes and competences: intercultural leadership, experienced Managing Director, specialism in sales & marketing, proven knowledge in risk management and compliance, an extensive global network and fully at home within the Latin America business area.

Stefan Schoernig
Germany based but in Moscow living consultant for research in general, market analyses, project management, communications including media & design as well as Russia in general. Due to Russian and Stan-Countries bound family business since the early 80s, Stefan is skilled with advanced knowledge in culture, business characteristics, usual workflows processes in these areas, to find the right approach for the needed solutions.

Barbara Schütze
The co-owner and –founder of toccaverde is well known for brief and fitting strategic solutions on critical and sensitive issues, given globally in consulting and top executive coaching and lecturing ‘coaching to managers’. Barbaras core achievements are bringing clients, challenges and environment towards the even better – always along a strictly compliance and quality conform structure and based on an international network from Russia to UAE to Turkey and the Americas.

Michel Verhagen
The former Chief Operations Officer within a leading multinational and former Global Head of Business Development, Sales & Marketing of a global player in the steel industry is co-owner of Toccaverde. Michel has proved international experience in strategic issues, steering and coaching managers and employees as well a profound competence and network in sales, particularly in Europe, Latin America, North Africa and Pakistan. Michel is responsible for Toccaverde Commerce, passionated by mentoring & strengthening managers and in consulting, specialized in Strategy Deployment and general company management.


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