Are we open towards future?

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Are we open towards future?

What we jointly experienced in the past months: to come out of any comfort zone and step into the reality of change and dig deep into the clear core of necessity.

In other words: even theories of the past about the intentions of people and organizations with regard to perseverance and a return to the accustomed state in comfort are currently proving to be obsolete. A new chapter has opened and we are not returning to the old one.

The new learnings that now have become even more stringent: 

  • value orientation instead of profit maximization
  • added value instead of unchecked growth
  • opportunities and possibilities instead of challenges
    networking with clear and convincing Unique Selling Proposition
    agile competencies over functional management
    and last but not least .. that appreciation and sharing of responsibility show the way to the future: no longer going faster, bigger, further but instead going with a sense of what is appropriate and responsible for the system

Leadership now means building bridges, positioning oneself in relation to society, business and politics, changing perspectives, in questioning the parameters and above all: communicating.

Managers with experience in intercultural systems could have a starting advantage over those who were supposedly secure in previously clear closed structures.

Leadership is no longer about instructing, but about the ability to make oneself understood and provide clarity about new collaborations.

What do you as manager require?

  • Self-awareness and self-care: your own mental health and your ability to adapt to the demands are prerequisites for leading in permanent change. This requires you to be conscious about your capabilities and readily fresh to perform at your best
  • A positive mindset: seeing opportunities instead of challenges also means maintaining strategic foresight even in imponderable situations. It also means reconciling different future scenarios with current reality as-is, i.e. taking positive adaptive next steps
  • A vision: to develop this vision and to push it further, to inspire and involve others, is admittedly exhausting but as ever mandatory to be the guide. The ‘Purpose’ creates the motivation for daily use (referencing to Viktor Frankl)
  • Values and social commitment: the last few months have emphatically (and scientifically) proven that trust and hope, integrity and results – in other words, everything that gives meaning to our existence – are perceived as valuable and people who are able to convey these are recognized as leaders.
  • Thinking for the customer: more than ever before, we orient ourselves towards our needs of our customers and further, their  stakeholders. Customers want us to onboard on their journey towards a positive future with us involved in their priorities, their needs, their solutions and so, their celebrations.
  • Spirit of transformation: foreseeing necessary developments and going with the energy of change is the force that prevents from being overrun by external forces.


All brings us back to where we started, closing the loop: resistance is the end. Reflection and communication on the future state and its possibilities that are collectively caring about our system, with the aligment of all in the network. This will be de trigger, the factor of success. It is about merging the valuable elements in time and space.

And, it started already. The time is now.

We at Toccaverde are here for you with our hybrid model of consulting, ready to strengthen you based on your needs and possibilities. Call us, write to us. Our team is looking forward to meeting you!

Barbara & Michel