Please do not read … if you want to avoid more of the same ;-)

Please do not read … if you want to avoid more of the same ;-)

Please do not read … if you want to avoid more of the same ;-)

The blogs and articles are full of them. For once, let us stop talking about crisis management strategies. So, what instead? A “paradigm shift” is looming. Values are shifting – we are “for” each other instead of “against” everything. Will it stay that way? What can we do?

Appropriate for the moment: Step by step – because life is a dance!

In many distance coaching sessions, remote strategy moderation and distance teachings the Toccaverde team analysed the current status. Not unimportant to me seems to be the fact that many of our discussion partners work for companies that guarantee infrastructural security, network energy in material and immaterial form and make it available.

3 main topics of interest add up to new solutions.

Skepticism regarding the use of digital tools was seldom present, rather it was about building “new” security, dealing with oneself and the people entrusted to one’s care and then also for the company (the “brand”).

Taking experiences from human cohesion

Entirely in line with syntactic consulting work and our intention as coaches, we asked about the positive experiences from dealing with the crisis.

Spontaneously, all our interlocutors reported a renewed gain in confidence in the abilities and active attitudes of their employees and teams. What a wonderful insight and what a wonderful new challenge to take this team spirit, this cohesion into the future! And yes, this – cohesion and identification – also has something to do with the healthy survival of the company itself.

Maybe you now reply that with the dissolution of the CoVid19 virus, the cohesion would also “crumble”? I am incorrigibly optimistic. After many, many years we wanted to understand groups, teams and organizations as parts that defined themselves against other formations, among other things, the opposite is happening today: We are increasingly forming for one thing: for our own getting through, our togetherness, our economic and cultural roof, “our” company. Just think of politics which, instead of being guided by party-political considerations, has now (more or less skillfully and unfortunately not everywhere) turned its attention to decisions and measures for people.

The paradigm shift was already apparent in society before, but now the “for” instead of “against” seems to have reached many people’s awareness. Will it stay?

How can you, all of us, make sure that it stays?

Check your own attitude: I remember a sentence by Matthias Varga von Kibed: “Invite the attitude to your home like a good friend, entertain her so well that she forgets to be a guest and may stay! 

And please do not worry: If you go your own reflected way, others will follow. This is strenuous work that defines us as human beings. And which in its sum also constitutes the values and thus the value of the company.

Developing skills and attitudes for agile steering in the fog

Phew, how often have you scraped your will straight past the intentions and goals of the peers? Certainly, less in the past weeks than before. Concern and fear for the maintenance, provision of the bare necessities with reduced resources promotes cooperation – even with those whom we “actually” did not like to suffer at all, even rejected.

The result of this is that our emotions and commitments have reduced us to doing the essential, leaving space to appreciate (and sometimes perhaps painfully expose the opposite) the abilities and will of individuals.

So what? Or better how then?

Abilities to want to understand a common direction for different futures and to understand it better and better is a first step. The next step is “communalizing”, i.e. bringing together the most diverse perspectives and exchanging them respectfully. The active, operative, first step results from the new picture.

The attitude towards it is as simple as it is challenging: openness is required. And the realization that we can only solve complex challenges together, or even better, that we can often turn complex tasks in completely new directions together.

A hint from my attitude as a coach:
Nothing is right and nothing is wrong – everything is appropriate for the moment. 

Let us not question everything right now. There will be time for that later – please expect another blog from the Toccaverde workshop. A little hint: Tools for a systemic approach to work are available from our Toccaverde team 😉

 Let’s talk with each other instead of sending news around!

Surely you have already recognized the key to all existing and future successes. It’s very simple: let’s talk to each other – listen appropriately, speak clearly and make sure we are understood. Again exhausting work ;-).

The realization of this “simple” exercise and the repeated (explanation) of one’s own statements almost always leads to new perspectives and improvements. With a common level of knowledge and willingness, it will be possible to make the creeks run again and the “economy” buzz even after an ice age.

 Appropriate for the moment: go step by step – because life is a dance!

What moves you? What questions, worries are you dealing with right now? Let’s talk: write to me or call me – the professionals of Toccaverde are there for you!